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There are many options when it comes to dental insurance and we are here to help.  Many dental insurances have a cap that limits your spending for the year, which ranges from $500 - $2000 usually.  There are also many types of insurances that you can get, including traditional, PPO, and HMO. 

  • Traditional insurances allow you to see any dentist that you want, and you will usually pay 0%-50% of the normal fee for a service and the insurance company will cover the rest.  Cleanings (not deep cleanings which you need if you have periodontal disease),  x-rays, and other preventive services are usually fully covered by the insurance company. 
  • PPO insurance (preferred provider organization).  Depending on your type of PPO you can see an out-of-network or an in-network dentist.  The PPO insurance has agreements set up with the "In-Network" dentists where the dentist has to follow a set fee schedule (usually lower than the regular fee schedule).  If you see a dentist that is Out-of-Network then you will have to pay the difference between the insurance's fee schedule and the dentist's fee schedule.  PPO insurances also don't usually cover services fully, but you will have to pay a 20%-50% copay (In or Out-of-network).  Mortimer Family Dentistry participates with three PPO insurances - Delta Dental, Cigna, and Principal.
  • HMO insurances (Health Maintenance Organizations) are a more strict form of a PPO.  They usually only cover services if you see a dentist that participates with the program and they have a set fee schedule that is greatly reduced (some have other financial arrangements with the dentist where there is no fee schedule, but a monthly payment for patients they are seeing).  You usually have limited dedectibles and copayments, but also are limited on choices of treatment due to what your insurance will cover.  Mortimer Family Dentistry does not participate with any HMO's. 

If you have any questions about insurance options or what your insurance will cover at Mortimer Family Dentistry, feel free to call and talk to our "Insurance Specialist".  810-743-5131.

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July 15, 2013
Category: Dental Procedures

Sometimes, we all need a bit of prompting to do what's good for us. When Serena Girardi, the 10-year-old daughter of New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi, needed to have orthodontic treatment, she was a little nervous. To help lessen her anxiety, Girardi, then 45 years old, made a deal: if she got braces, then he would too.

“What I didn't realize,” said Girardi in an interview with ESPN, “is that she only had to get four on her front teeth and I got the full mouthful.”

But that didn't stop the baseball great from keeping up his end of the bargain. In a separate deal with his son Dante, who also needed braces, Girardi agreed to wear blue rubber bands. “It's a good look,” he said. What will he do if his third child needs braces? Stay tuned...

Whether it starts as a bargain with your kids or as a promise to yourself, orthodontic treatment can offer real benefits at any age. In fact, about one out of five orthodontic patients today is an adult. Studies have shown that up to three-quarters of all adults have some form of orthodontic problem, like drifting or crowding of teeth. And having a great-looking smile not only improves self-confidence, but can also boost an adult's social life, and even enhance his or her career opportunities.

If you or your child may need braces, but you're put off by the dreary metal hardware you remember from back in the day, take heart! Plenty has changed in the field of orthodontics since you were a teenager — and it's not just the color of the rubber bands.

In many cases, clear or colorless ceramic braces can be used instead of metal ones. These stain-resistant orthodontic appliances blend in well with your own teeth, making them much less evident. It may be possible for them to be placed on the lingual (tongue) side of the teeth, where they're even less visible.

Clear aligners offer an alternative to braces that's appropriate for some people. Aligners are a series of precision-made “trays” composed of polyurethane plastic. Worn 20-22 hours per day for a period of months, these appliances gradually move teeth into an improved position. Besides being virtually invisible, another advantage of these trays is that they may be removed for eating and for important occasions. Once recommended only for adults, they have recently become available to teenagers as well.

What's the best way to find out whether you or someone in your family could benefit from orthodontics, and which treatment option best suits your individual needs? Come in to our office for a consultation! After a thorough examination, we would be happy to recommend the most appropriate treatment methods for your particular situation.

If you have questions about orthodontic treatment, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Orthodontics For The Older Adult” and “Clear Aligners for Teenagers.”

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